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Kao Hong Market

by Editor Aectourismthai

Kao Hong Market

With its history tracing back more than one century ago, this market has combined three trade areas together. The oldest area is known as Talad Lang. It sprang into operations after a tragedy struck a Chinese merchant’s family. 
Its founder Hong or Boonrod Liangwanich survived the robbery at his bustling raft shop-cum-house but his wife was killed. 
Following that tragic incident, Boorod moved his shops to a riverside plot of land in Suphan Buri and erected a watchtower to prevent his place from bandits and robbers. The tower has holes for guns to fire out. 
Some 30 years later, Talad Klang and Talad Lang were set up. Together, they are known as Kao Hong Market. If visitors want to learn about the market’s long history, they can browse into the Kao Hong Market Museum where utensils of the old days are also on display.
 Many wooden structures in the market have reflected local wisdom. For example, one of them has transparent holes at the exact positions on the roof and the floor of the second story. Curtains are then used to control whether the occupants wish to let the sunlight in. 
Kao Hong Market is open from 9am till 4pm on Saturdays and Sundays. For more information, call  0 3558 6408.


Editor Aectourismthai

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